Thursday, July 24, 2014

Connor 12- 15 Months Old

Connor is 15 months old! Where has time gone?! He has grown and changed so much since my last post on his birthday. Here is a little run down of the last few months. (Get ready for picture overload!)

Connor turned 1 year old on January 10, 2014
At 12 months old, Connor had his first snow and ice experience (January 28, 2014)
At 13 months old, Connor went to his first Hattiesburg Mardi Gras Parade and had his first Valentine's Day party at day care. He also went to the Hattiesburg Zoo for the first time! Connor made a trip to playground at Bellegrass too. 
At 14 months old, he began kicking his soccer ball and playing fetch with Nola. Also went to the playground at Bellegrass several times. Loves going down the slide! During this time, we also sold our first house and the house that we brought Connor home to for his first year of life. Very bittersweet but love our new house and neighborhood!
At 15 months old, Connor had his second Easter and went to his first Easter Egg Hunt! Connor had his first snow ball and his first pool party! He loves the water and splashing in his pool! Also, went to Live at 5 downtown Hattiesburg and to his first USM baseball game. 

At 15 months, Connor is...
- 25 pounds
- 31 inches
- Wearing 12-18 months clothes and size 3-4 shoes. Size 4 diapers
- Sleeping 10-12 hours
- Paci only at nap and bedtime. Trying to get rid of it!
- Eating everything! Loves bananas and sweet potatoes still. A new favorite is blueberries! And loves dipping his food in ketchup!
- Recognizes mommy and daddy when we pick him up from daycare and runs to us
- Following simple directions
- Saying ball, mama, dada, daddy, mommy, baby, berry, dog to name a few
- Pointing and naming objects including moon, puppy, Nola, shoe, sock, fire, foot, head, nose, tongue, up, down.
 - Walking/running and dancing to music
- Loves looking at books
- Loves chasing Nola
- Favorite toys are balls and bubbles
- Always happy and laughing, especially when being tickled in his inner thighs!
- Active little boy with no fear of anything!